• Asha McDowell

I Did It!!!

Droopy Eyes, Quivering lips



"yes","Yes", "Yes" as I excitedly jump up and down in the air

I gather my belongings carefully checking off every item I may or may not need and pack it all, you know just in case.

Hesitant to approach but anxiously waiting to get in, one toe creates a ripple effect

Goosebumps from excitement and temperature

Holding my nostrils, submerging myself while slowly creeping down

POP up just as I feel the bottom of my lip wet and suddenly I feel the brisk air hit my back

Goosebumps from excitement and temperature

This time I count down from 10, stop at 3 and start again.

"ok, OK, OK… 123 Go" I vanish to the underworld for what feels like an eternity.

POP up " I did it, I did it, how long was that mommy"

"2 seconds, great job baby"

My daughter on her swim team

It took Joy what felt like forever to get comfortable in the water, we had a lot of talking through time at the pool. This poem recalls one of many interactions we had at the pool. Now she is a swimming machine.

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