• Asha McDowell

I Am Not From One I'm From Two

I am not from 1… but from

2 bustling cities

Dead end road with a sharing of walls

Filled with woman who stand tall

The other a concrete jungle with buildings that went to the sky

Sky high where memories fly

Filled with women who stand tall

2 different childhoods 2 different cities

Candle light dinners, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn and pineapple upside down cake filled our bellies

Taught to appreciate fine dining

Taught that happiness can be created anywhere

Rice and peas, plaintains, arroz con pollo

Prayers and Sabbath keeping embedded in the soul

2 different childhood. 2 different cities

2 became 4

Friends became family and much more

2 different schools


Rebellious spirit not reigned in

Passion used unwisely

Strength stubbornly utilized

2 different smells opposing each other

Perfumed roses sprayed feverishly to mask the smell of a skunk

2 different environments


Fun, laughter, perceived freedom of the streets

Love, inspiration, goal driven, tight roped household

2 different roads

Volunteer, service, giving back

School, career, family

2 different counties

"The town", diverse, grass roots, ever changing

"The Valley" subdued, predictable, routine

I am forever changing

I am infinite

I am now filled with more questions than answers.

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