Gaming Tournament
July 25th, 2021 



Game: 2K

Gaming System: PS4

Time: 20 min a game

How many games: best of 7 games


Teams: 4 teams of 3 will be allowed into the tournament. First come first serve all team members must be registered and entry fee paid before confirmation into the tournament is provided.  


Team Prize: 

  • 1st place $225 - $75 per team member 

  • 2nd place $75 - $25 per team member

  • 3rd place $60 - $20 per team member

  • 4th place $30 - $10 per team member


Team prizes will be paid to the team captain after the completion of the tournament​


Entry Fee 

$60 per team/$20 per person

Entry Fee must be paid by the team captain through Cash APP for each team member by July 21st in order to be eligible to compete. 

Entry Fee is non-refundable after July 21st. 

BOSS Gamers

Gaming Tournaments

BOSS's gamers is a group of 3 young men that have a love for gaming.  During the pandemic when many people dealt with isolation and adapting to a different way of living gaming was used as a tool in many households across the country to help people cope and stay connected to one another. 

These 3 young men have been working hard and meeting weekly to bring forth their first ever basketball gaming tournament.   


I like to play sports and video games for fun. My favorite subject in school is history because it’s nice to know what happen before your time. In five years I see myself playing a sport in college.


In my free time I play Basketball and enjoy gaming. My favorite subject is P.E. because I get to play in class. In five years I see college scouts looking at me play basketball. 



For fun I like to play my game. My favorite subject in school is P.E. because I can run around.  What I see myself doing in five years is owning a business.