Asha McDowell


Asha has been in the field of education her entire career. She taught special education with Oakland Unified School District for 7 years in both mild/moderate and mod./severe special day class setting. She is currently a program coordinator with Napa County Office of Education - responsible for program design, curriculum development, fundraising,  grant writing and staff management. Her lifelong dream has always been to open a non profit and provide resources to communities who are riddled with gun violence, abuse and are unable to navigate their way out of the vicious cycle of poverty. 

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LaTreece Butler Morton



Director, Strategic Realization Office and Product Operations


La Treece is a strong advocate of recruitment, retention, and professional development of underrepresented minorities and women in the workplace. She is passionate about being a voice to the voiceless and currently supports national programs to meet corporate diversity objectives. She is a global leader of VMware’s Black Employee Resource Group and an active advocate and ally for Latino, Women, and LGBT groups.  She’s a mentor and coach for women professionals, globally, looking to progress in their careers. La Treece’s greatest highlight at work is developing the week long high school program, producing over 54 Underrepresented VMscholars in three years.   She also provides quarterly council to VMware’s executive staff on diversity and inclusion best practices, policies and corporate goals.

Erika Acosta


Erika graduated from Sac State in 2007, with her degree in social work and minor in Chicano Latino studies. Erika enjoys giving back to the community and being involved in making a change for the better of all those in need. She currently works at Napa County Office of Education, as a Foster Youth Education Liaison.

Lena Sullivan

Board Member

Video Producer with 20 plus years experience in major-market television programming, including magazine format, studio based programs, live productions and documentaries.  Recipient of multiple Emmy and journalism awards.

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